FAQ for Out-of-Town Tonsillectomy Patients

For patients outside the Chicago Metropolitan area that are interested in Tissue Welding Tonsillectomy

  • Tonsillectomies are done for specific reasons like repeated strep throats, large tonsils that adversely affect sleep, or tonsils which exude an odor-causing debris (“tonsil stones”).
  • Tonsillectomies are not done for obviously laryngitis-type symptoms such as throat clearing, lump-in-the-throat feeling, voice changes, or blocked swallowing in the lower throat
  • Vague sore throat is not a reason for tonsillectomy
  • Please look at this illustration. If the patient’s tonsils are smaller than size 3 or 4, they are usually not enlarged enough to benefit the patient’s sleep if they are removed
  • Even if a patient comes from a long distance for a tonsillectomy consultation, Dr. Amenta will not schedule that patient for a tonsillectomy without the proper indications
  • Dr. Amenta will not schedule a tonsillectomy just because another “ENT” had the patient on the OR schedule for one
  • Patients coming from a distance beyond the Chicago metropolitan area must stay with locally for at least two nights following the tonsillectomy
  • We can schedule the consultation and the surgery for the same week to save a trip
  • A post-op appointment two weeks after the surgery is routine and a free visit as part of the surgery package.
  • However, the patient can just report to us by phone if they do not want to make this extra trip

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